Manufacturer and distributor of industrial automation computer equipment such as panel PCs, workstations, display devices and control, ELMAK borns from the passion and experience gained over the years by different industry's experts.
Building on the extensive know-how developed over more than a decade of work at major national companies, the ELMAK team has now skills and knowledge necessary to give concrete answers to the demands of the market, using the most advanced technologies in the context of computing for industrial automation.

ELMAK means reliability and competence.
ELMAK products meet strict quality standards and offer high reliability even in critical situations.
Moreover, the high level of product's engineering allows to always provide the most appropriate solution, optimizing costs due to the wide opportunity to customize any solution in a highly flexible configurations.

ELMAK, situated in Reggio Emilia, designs, manufactures and customizes I.T. equipments for industrial automation: Fanless PC, Panel PC, totems, wall-mount PCs, Embedded systems, Workstations and display devices, such as touch screen monitor with capacitive or resistive technology, to be included in production departments and offices, and also create monitors and devices for marine use.

Even after several years, ELMAK has maintained the flexibility to create customized solutions.

Any produced device has to pass severe tests. Elmak has modern equipped testing areas for this.
A special software lets all devices and ports  (CPU, memory, LAN, USB, COM ports, etc.) work at 100% of their performances for at least 24H. Of course, any other special test may be carried out if requested from the customer.